Gifts & Specialty Grazing Boxes


We’ve made Gift-giving easier for you! 

If you are after an irresistible edible gift to celebrate a special occasion, birthday or anniversary, or simply send a special thanks gift, there is no better way than with an irresistible edible gift box from Ambers.

Delicious, sweet or savory gift boxes are available for special order for those special occasions like Father’s Day, Valentine’s day, Easter and Christmas … or any day really.

Amber’s specialty boxes are named ‘special’ for a reason – Nan would love a birthday box full of sweet things! Each box is created with your loved one in mind. It is a sweet thought, full of sweet delights… and our Mother’s Day sweets selection may be excessive! We know what mums like (you’ll even find something to sweeten up your mother-in-law in here).

The savoury grazing box is designed to have a little selection of cheeses, deli meats, crackers, dips fresh fruits and nuts. You bring the wine; we deliver the cheese!

And the sweet version has more than a little sweetness. Firstly, well, we add cake of course… place in a cookie or two, a slice of a slice and a nice jar of sauce for you to pour over. Your taste buds tingling?

A handwritten note can be displayed in the gift – so it has an extra distinctive touch from you, even if crafted by me – seriously, the perfect gift!

Want something special? You name it, we’ll add it!

Other box suggestions available:

· Lolly boxes

· Kids party box

· Ploughman’s lunch

· Kids party savoury box

· Dips and crudities box

Make up your own box! Let us know what you want, and we can make it suit your needs.

Special Dietary Requirements?

Make the food-intolerant person ecstatic and feeling special at your event when you order a personal dietary requirement Grazing box – just for your coeliac or vegan friend.

Food is daunting for some; we want to be inclusive and believe everyone should join in the social aspect food brings to your party.

Good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends!


ALLERGEN STATEMENT: Whilst every effort is taken to accommodate dietary requirements, food prepared in our cafe kitchen may contain or come into contact with the following ingredients: MILK, EGGS, WHEAT, PEANUTS, AND TREE NUTS. Please let us know about your food allergy or intolerance during your booking so we can prepare you a delicious and allergen-safe alternative!